"She was our daughters math teacher for years and taught her so much. If you need someone, she is the one!! We miss her dearly!!! Highly highly recommend her!!!"

-Dawn, Georgia

"He hasn't complained (about) doing it every night which has shocked me. But he does complain about doing reading. I wish there was something like MathCoach to help with reading"

-Ashley, Utah

"Becki was my son's 4th grade teacher when we lived in Utah. She was a true blessing to him and our family. When we moved back to Colorado, he started to struggle with math again. He only wanted help from Becki, and definitely not mom. He got his computer and call her. They worked through the problems live and together and then she showed me how she got it as well. He just lit up when he finally got it. He called her a couple of times for help, and we are eternally grateful. Thank you for your gift of math, your gift of helping others."

-Misti, Colorado

"Becki is a life saver. When I was a kid, oh so long ago, math was not easy for me. I stayed after school daily to get help. Now that I'm a mom it's even harder! They have changed the verbiage in math now, they changed steps, etc. Some days I want to pull my hair out try to help with homework. We tried YouTube videos, we tried text books online, but alas it isn't enough. One day I took a chance and asked Becki for help. She was so happy to consult with us. She is amazing. Becki loves math. She loves teaching math, and she is great at it. She can call my household in minutes. She quite literally saves us sometimes. Weather you struggle with math constantly or you just missed a few to many days of school. Becki can help get you right on track. You wont regret using MathCoachLive. It's a phenomenal service from a phenomenal lady."

-Andrea, Utah

"I'm so grateful you are doing this. I would never get through math with my kiddos with out you. Thanks for being patient with us."

-Mindi, Utah

"I can't think of anyone else that loves math the way Becki does. She knows what she is talking about, and is the most patient person."

-Elisha, Florida