MathCoachLive is a passion project of mine as a Junior High Math Teacher. My name is Becki Smedley and I have been a teacher for 11 years with experience in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade. Most recently I taught 7th and 8th grade Math in Northern Utah. As a child I personally hated math because it was something that never made sense in my mind. One day in college, I had an amazing professor in a "Math for Elementary Teachers" class make me question my 13 years of Math learning and a light bulb turned on that ignited a new found LOVE of all things math! Because I struggled to understand it as a child, I find I have a unique way of teaching math to struggling learners. I earned my Bachelors degree from Weber State University in 2008 in Elementary Education and Special Education. After a few years of teaching I couldn't wait to learn more and chased a dream earning a Masters in Educational Technology in 2012. I have now finished a second Masters in Math Education! In my time as a teacher and in my continued education I have learned many things but two very specific things that brought me to this point with MathCoachLive: First, families are busy. Second, parents want to help their students be successful but don't always know how. I do know how to help kids! Math is my passion and helping struggling learners is what brings me joy!

11 years teaching -7 years in elementary , 4 in Jr. High

Bachelors in Special education/elementary education

Masters in Education technology

Masters in Math education

More then 10 years in private tutoring